Once you have downloaded and installed the i-lincc application on your mobile phone, follow these simple steps to get you started! After one has entered an i-lincc, it automatically drops in your history list for later reference. It is also possible to permanently store i-linccs in the bookmark list for later use.

Another nice little trick, you see an i-lincc that you want info on and want to store it for later retrieval in an airplane (with your phone in flight-mode) or in an area without Internet , i-lincc can still be of help.

iphone step 1
iphone step 2

Please note: The Twitter and Facebook share screens are similar and function the same way as demonstrated below.

iphone step 3
iphone step 4
iphone step 5

Look out for i-linccs in advertising, magazines, newspapers, on billboards, cold drink cans and wine bottles, mentioned in radio programs, TV, product packs, sports shirts or mentioned in radio programmes. Soon i-lincc will be everywhere!


Download your free i-lincc app via your mobile phone by searching for "i-lincc" in:

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