i-lincc explained

i-lincc is designed to be a direct link between the things around us in the world we live in - and the digital world. From newspapers, magazines, to products we buy and eat, services we use, books we read, events or adverts on TV, displays we see on billboards and signage. There are many instances every day we need to follow-up, interact with, would like better or additional information on. i-lincc will facilitate that need. Users can simply send an "i-lincc code" by entering it on their Smartphone and in an instant the relevant information will be displayed or sent onto their e-mail.

i-lincc is a Pull system and only reacts on users’ requests. i-lincc will not spam or send any information unless requested to do so!

Here is an i-lincc example: i-lincc iconbrand1. i-lincc is an alpha numeric string preceeded by the i‑lincc i-lincc icon symbol. An i-lincc can be a word i-lincc iconPARIS, a number like the number under a barcode, for example i-lincc icon6532178765436, or it can be branded as in this example: i-lincc iconBMW320d. Basically, anything can be an i-lincc, as long as it is preceeded by i-lincc icon (the i-lincc icon). There are some rules on how to use the i-lincc logo, explained in our "Logo Usage" document which you can find here. Because an i-lincc is text-based it can be incorporated in editorial, on a product label or DVD, embossed in plastic or displayed anywhere on anything. The possibilities are endless. Your i‑lincc can be booked on this website after registering with us. Register here!

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