About Us

MediaLincc, the company behind the i-lincc concept, is led by people with extensive experience in building telecommunication solutions - experience that has allowed us to make global reach of i‑lincc a reality.

Younger team members were born into an era where digital technology is a given.  Experienced members come from such diverse fields as broadcasting management, legal, telco and signalling. Others have been involved in interactivity since its inception in the early 80’s and have witnessed the birth of landmark technologies like the PC, Laser Video Disc, Firewalls, the Internet and Mobile.

As a group we were one of the first companies in the world to implement USSD, a session based GSM bearer layer, and have developed it into a full mobile service. Today USSD is regarded as a mainstream technology in many networks the world over.

The combination of experience and world-class creative development skills, has enabled us not only to develop the i-lincc concept, but to carry it forward as the next dimension in marketing.

Who We Work With

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