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In order to demonstrate i-lincc, below is a list of samples with different possibilities of information displayed on the mobile phone:

Please Note: Type the i-lincc codes below into the application to view.

i-lincc code: sobieski1
This demonstrates an i-lincc as a promotion for a vodka brand. Access is controlled to viewers over a certain age. Sobieski1 shows the use of adapted video with audio and further menu selection within the sample provided.

i-lincc code: united1
This demonstrates an i-lincc promoting a mobile competition of a sports club. Data entry is provided for in this demonstration.

i-lincc code: halls
Simple promotion of a famous produce growers group.

i-lincc code: ned1
Simple announcement for a financial institution.

i-lincc code: illy1
Promoting a international coffee drink.

i-lincc code: nespresso220
Promoting the latest nespresso coffee machine.

i-lincc code: cst1
Example of a mobile newsletter.